Here at IIT Roorkee the runners run to live and live to run! This is one of the first sport to be started here since its inception. Athletics here generates a lot of buzz. We have several professional and well trained athletes in the institute. The professional tracks along with resources have always been helpful in grooming the talents of our students. In the 50th Inter IIT Sports Meet over 150 students consisting of both boys and girls participated and brought us honour.

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They say,”The war is just a racket.” The institute boasts of a well equipped indoor badminton hall along with the badmiton courts in various hostels. The hostel courts are well lit and the students utilize them often to play throughout the evenings. The badminton team has been constantly bringing laurels to the institute in the Inter IIT sports meet and is provided with the best resources by the institute.

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Shoot to score! Yes, Basketball-one of the world’s most popular and widely viewed sport. IIT Roorkee boasts of being the first IIT to bring the latest facilities for the sport onboard. We are the first one to have full fledged floodlit synthetic court with three electronic scoreboards. The amenities are frequently updated to ensure the future of this sport on the campus. Our team has always made us proud and will continue to do so in the future.

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Chess is one of the most strategical battle among all the sports. Being a board game for two players, It is played on a square board, made of 64 smaller squares, with eight squares on each side. The goal of the game is for each player to try and checkmate the king of the opponent. At IITR we have different chess clubs and the Inter IIT team has always dominated the sport.

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Cricket - the game of life. If there is something that causes a billion hearts to skip a beat, it is cricket. Gold medals in two consecutive years perhaps sum up the amazing facilities and enthusiasm with which cricket is played in the institute.The institute cricket field boasts of a new turf, sightscreen and an air conditioned pavilion equipped with bowling machine. The institute team has constantly dominated the Inter IIT sports meet and is a force to reckon with.

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The game that unites people - Football. Football is one of the most revered games ever and our institute has by no means neglected the fact. Not only do we have well maintained football fields but they are also adorned with flood-light facilities. The students are also provided with all the gear and apparels by the institute and the experienced coaches provide excellent guidance for students to improve their skills.

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Hockey- the original extreme sport. The sport has always been encouraged and promoted by IITR. We have a separate hockey stadium with professional stand for the spectators. The institute provides the students all the necessary gear. Inter year and Inter hostel tournaments are routinely organised which always leads to the discovery of new talent for the Inter IIT sports meet. The sport has constantly brought medals for the institute every year and is one of the most prominent sports at the campus

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The sport of powerlifting gets to the heart of the most fundamental of all athletic qualities-strength. An invigorating sport of strength, power, and speed, powerlifting is a recent entry into Sangram that brings to our participants more of strength athletics. Be ready to train your muscles, focus your breathing and strengthen your will and set records in squats, benches and deadlifts!

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Snooker - the most popular parlor game requires tremendous concentration and considerable precision and along with that, its complex rules makes it even harder to master.Students club regularly conducts open tournaments for the students to showcase their talent. Here at IITR we have world class snooker facilities

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The “jet propelled chess”- squash. The sports complex holds 4 indoor squash courts. Recently our team won the Uttarakhand Opens. Even in national events, they have made us proud and have won laurels. With well experienced and knowledgeable coaches, we provide a great opportunity for the students to learn this unique sport.

Saurabh: 9079716842


Where timing is everything, table tennis is a game of agility and precision. The institute has a wide array of table tennis facilities ranging from the indoor tennis halls to the tables provided at the UG students club. Apart from this, each hostel consists of amenities to play the game.

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They say, the more you sweat in practice the less you bleed in the battlefield. Our martial trainees here toil in the vigorous training. Clad in white uniforms and tight belts they can be seen landing hammer fists and flying kicks to their opponents during practice. Martial arts certainly provide a great advantage off the playing field as well!

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Tennis- the downright smashing game . IIT Roorkee is perhaps the only IIT that boasts of both grass and synthetic courts. We have the best synthetic courts in the northern India. The courts are floodlit. The institute team has grown leaps and bounds and has bagged many medals at the Inter IIT Sports Meet.

Yogiraj: 7038278405


A sport that stands for teamwork- volleyball is a real entertainer. All the volleyball courts of our institute are well maintained and floodlit. In order to motivate our players, the institute holds the national level Taya Ji Memorial All India Volleyball Tournament every year. The sport of volleyball has thus got a great impetus in the institute as the players get to interact with national team players helping them to improve their techniques and skills.

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Go heavy or go home. IITR has seen may legendary weightlifters of all time. The team here dedicates hours and hours with sweat and iron and makes the institute proud each and every time.Various events are held under different categories by weight and the standard rules are followed. We have all the required facilities, trainers and apparels. Weightlifting is an event that supports no surrogates for grit, determination and power.

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