Patiala Lassi Bar

Patiala Lassi Bar (PLB) is India’s one of the first brand to come up with this amazing and unique idea of providing a healthy drink called Lassi (Indian drinkable yogurt) in an organized and hygienic manner. Lassi is one of the most loved drinks of India because of its yummy taste and health properties.

Lassi is the best source for protein, calcium and other nutrients for our daily life. It’s one of the primary reasons we have come up with this amazing idea of giving Lassi a whole new concept by adding some fruity and exotic twist.

At PLB, Lassi is prepared in the most hygienic manner and environment and we believe that customer satisfaction is the most important thing to run a successful food and beverage brand.

It all started with an idea of our CEO Mr. Harsh Mehta an MBA graduate from NMIMS, Mumbai. During his corporate tenure with the top finance company, he being a huge lassi lover realized that there is no organized player in market which provides healthy drink Lassi to consumers in a cafe/bar format thus he saw an opportunity to start up, grow and revolutionize the drink.

Mr. Harsh Mehta shared his vision of creating a Lassi bar chain with Mr.Vinod Mehta (his dad) who had expertise in dairy industry and skilled to make top quality milk products and had a special secret recipe for Lassi.

Vinod Mehta really liked Harsh’s vision and joined the initiative not just as a co-founder but also as an angel investor.

Later, Ms. Yashika, a Software engineer with experience of almost 6 years joined. She helped PLB in shaping company’s culture, operation model and policies.

Our actual journey started in 2015 when we kicked the production under the supervision of experts. So far, we have 7 Lassi bars across 4 locations running successfully and receiving love from patrons.

PLB as a brand stands for:
Taste, Quality, Being Natural and Health partner.

Every Indian once in their life have had at least a glass of lassi but they still don’t know how good a glass of Lassi can be that’s why here at PLB we are also trying to educate the benefits of consuming lassi in day to day life.

Few Key Benefits of lassi are that it helps to fight body heat, Improves Digestion, helps in acidity control, strengthens immune system, helps with weight loss, and helps Lower Blood Pressure.

Here at PLB we are giving Lassi a touch of new flavours such as Chocolate, Choco badam, banana, khoa badam, Dry fruit, Fruity, Kulhad malai, Mango Lassi etc. So a true Lassi lover can enjoy the favourite variant and get energized by a single glass of lassi.

PLB cares about the health and fitness that’s why we are always looking forward to sponsor events like Sports Fest (Sangram etc.), body building events and fitness events.

We have happily served over 1.5 million people and created millions of yummilicious moments till now and looking forward for more in future.

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